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Basic maintenance is the key of the life for your piano. Yearly tuning will save you money in tuning and repair costs.  A yearly tuning keeps the pitch stablized allowing the tuner to spend less time adjusting the strings, which in turn, helps save you from spending more tuning time to put it right. As the tuning  deteriorates over time, the piano requires extra time to bring it back into good harmony. The tuning adjustments become grosser rather then finer so the piano does not hold its tune like it should requiring it to be tuned sooner then expected. Pianos do not hold their tune forever and they need your periodic attention to keep them performing well. Over time, the piano wears down; yes, even if not played. Pianos need cleaning as they are great dust collectors, the parts can stick, break, as well as measurements changing between the parts, which happens because of playing, Over time the piano requires regulation work to adjust for this deterioration. These things can be remedied while having a yearly maintenance routine.

There is nothing sweeter then a beautiful melody and the sweet harmonies that accompany it. What kind of world would this be without music? We all know the answer, so we do our best, to bring sweetness into the world with whatever our skill specialties may be.       This is how I do it.

    I  am  not  a  pianist  I  am  a   technician 

Understanding the theory, mechanics, and physics of how a piano should function and sound, then applying it to the piano, is my way of bringing enjoyment to others thru my work.  In turn, their playing brings enjoyment to their family and friends and spreads love through the world one piano at a time.

My love for pianos stems from the  beauty that is inherent in this magnificent instrument. Read my inspirational verse on the "about us " page.

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